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Regional Advocacy

Regional Advocacy
Regional Advocacy

Regional Advocacy

In-district meeting

In-district meetings with Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) of the House Energy & Commerce Committee.

HLC Regional Advocacy Program: 
Bringing the HLC Message Home

Washington knows the Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC) is a leading voice for Improving healthcare quality.

The Regional Advocacy Program is essential to ensuring that HLC’s voice is heard at the grassroots level.

Six HLC Regional Directors around the country coordinate meetings and events with members of Congress and congressional candidates in their home states and congressional districts.

HLC makes an impact in a variety of ways, including:

  • Congressional meetings in home states and districts
  • Grasstops/grassroots mobilization and education of HLTeams
  • Programs and events that honor excellence and leadership in healthcare
  • Earned media activities

Since the Regional Advocacy Program’s inception, HLC has conducted nearly 3,500 meetings and events with members of Congress, congressional candidates and staff.

In-district meeting

In-district meeting with Rep. Tom Reed (R/NY) of the Ways & Means Committee

HLTeams: Lifeblood of the HLC Regional Advocacy Program
Health Leadership Teams (HLTeams) replicate HLC’s unique position as the voice of multiple sectors of the healthcare industry. HLTeams are made up of HLC member company representatives, local business executives, and other health advocates from the community. HLTeam participants present a consensus, cross-sector viewpoint on multiple healthcare issues. These meetings are successful in driving home HLC’s priority issues because constituents are able to explain the local impact of Washington policies on patients and jobs.

New Member Orientation
Cornerstones of HLC’s Regional Advocacy Program are the Candidate Program and New Member Orientation Program.  In 2013, HLC regional directors focused on meeting with freshman members of Congress to introduce them to HLC and its priority issues.  In 2014, HLC will resume a robust Candidate Program to build relationships with potential new members of Congress while providing HLC organizations with valuable information about candidate healthcare views.  During one-on-one meetings organized by HLC Regional Directors, candidates and members are introduced to HLC’s members and priority issues.  Developing relationships with lawmakers early on has proven to be a valuable investment as these members gain seniority in Congress.

Congressional In-District Meetings
In 2013, HLTeams held more than 70 meetings with members of Congress in their home districts, with a quarter of those being with members on committees of jurisdiction.  These face-to-face meetings allow HLTeam members to deliver HLC’s message on priority health issues and reinforce HLC activities in Washington.  All meetings are open to HLC members and their representatives.

HLC Regional Directors and HLTeams coordinate local health forums and other events including town hall meetings for key members of Congress and their district staff. Discussing with lawmakers how policy affects the delivery of healthcare is one thing; showing them in person makes it more compelling. Hearing HLC’s message from constituents who work in healthcare operations is critical and it is for this reason the HLC Regional Advocacy Program strives to be a resource for these kinds of activities.

The HLC Regional Advocacy Program recognizes and salutes congressional members, healthcare organizations, and community programs that are leading the way toward improved quality and patient-centered healthcare. HLC annually bestows awards to lawmakers and organizations who go the extra mile to provide better healthcare delivery for all Americans.

Grasstops Mobilization
HLTeam members are called upon at critical stages in the legislative process to support HLC’s policy goals. Through personalized letters, phone calls, and/or e-mails to their lawmakers in Congress, local HLC members make their voices heard from beyond the Beltway.

Public Relations
As respected members of their communities, HLTeam members meet with editorial boards, brief reporters, conduct press conferences, and engage in other media-related activities to a lend local perspective to national healthcare discussions. In addition, HLC’s Regional Advocacy earned media efforts frequently result in the placement of op-eds, letters to the editor, and radio and television interviews in key congressional districts.

HLC’s Regional Advocacy Program:A Resource for Members of Congress
Healthcare issues continue to be a focus for the public, media, and 113th Congress. We encourage congressional offices – Democrat, Republican or Independent – to call upon HLC to:

  • Assist in planning health forums on issues of interest within your local community
  • Participate on a constituent healthcare advisory board
  • Efficiently obtain information and feedback from multiple sectors of the healthcare industry

For more information on the HLC Regional Advocacy Program and how it can be a resource in your congressional district, please contact:

Amanda J. Uherek
Healthcare Leadership Council