An Eminently Sensible Idea on Liability Coverage

July 30, 2010

Some ideas on Capitol Hill make so much sense that you can’t help but wonder why they haven’t become law already. But, then again, tort reform has proven many times … Continued

Perspectives from Eli Lilly’s CEO

July 27, 2010

I just came across an interview last week in the Indianapolis Star with Eli Lilly and Company CEO John Lechleiter.  It’s a q-and-a that is particularly interesting because Mr. Lechleiter … Continued

The Public Option Vampire

July 23, 2010

Some bad ideas, no matter how firmly they are rejected, just refuse to go away.  Like Dracula, they continue to rise from the dead.  The so-called public option for health … Continued

More Warning Calls about Physician Shortages

July 21, 2010

Yesterday, the Arkansas surgeon general told a state legislative committee that the state’s physician shortage would be worsening once health reform is implemented.  Dr. Joe Thompson testified that 80 to … Continued

The Need for Better Self-Policing

July 15, 2010

Two news stories this week raise serious concerns about the effectiveness of systems intended to act upon physicians and nurses who don’t meet adequate standards for providing patient care. •       … Continued

HLC President on Meaningful Use Regulations

July 13, 2010

An organization of health industry chief executives today applauded federal regulators for being responsive to the concerns of hospitals and physicians in constructing the final “meaningful use” regulations that will … Continued

Avoiding the Price Control Trap

July 9, 2010

Let’s begin with a couple of basic truths. First, that government-imposed price controls are antithetical to genuine, consumer-focused health reform.  The only way to achievable sustainable reform that improves health … Continued

Good News On The Cancer Front

July 8, 2010

According to statistics released yesterday by the American Cancer Society, cancer death rates have continued what is now an almost two decade decline. The Society tells us that, since 1991, … Continued

The Berwick Appointment

July 7, 2010

We’re not going to comment in this space on the political wisdom of President Obama’s decision use a recess appointment to install Dr. Donald Berwick as head of the Centers … Continued

An Honor For A Fine Journalist

July 2, 2010

I’ve never believed for a second that it’s easy to be a reporter covering the healthcare beat.  Whether it’s new HIPAA privacy requirements or a seemingly arcane topic like medical … Continued