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The Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC) is an association of CEOs and C-suite executives from all sectors of healthcare working to shape the future of the U.S. healthcare system.

HLC is the exclusive forum for the nation’s healthcare industry leaders to lead on major, sector-wide issues, generate innovative solutions to unleash private sector ingenuity, and advocate for policies to improve our nation’s healthcare delivery system.

Since its establishment 35 years ago, HLC has led the healthcare industry in achieving many of the most important health policy improvements. Most notably, HLC’s leadership:

• resulted in the creation of the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit;
• led to the development and improvement of HIPAA privacy laws;
• helped catalyze value-based care;
• is driving transformational advances in data access and interoperability;
• bolstered the nation’s readiness for public health emergencies; and
• is expanding access to affordable healthcare coverage.

Today, HLC is focused on cross-cutting issues critical to the U.S. healthcare delivery system including transforming access to patient-centered care, defining the industry response to disruptive megatrends like cyberattacks and AI, and promoting private sector investment and innovation.

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