Policymakers Must Monitor Open Payment Website’s Impact on Healthcare Innovation, Patient Interests, HLC President Says

September 29, 2014

Data on Physician Payments without Proper Context Could Unfairly Stigmatize Essential Healthcare Collaborations, Medical Research Efforts WASHINGTON – Members of Congress and Administration health policy leaders must closely monitor the … Continued

Industry Experts Describe Progress on Health Information Interoperability at Capitol Hill Briefing

September 22, 2014

The Healthcare Leadership Council hosted a briefing September 22 on Capitol Hill, discussing how to issue surrounding interoperability in health information exchange.  Experts from four companies, all members of the … Continued

Harvard Researchers Confirm Cost, Quality Benefits of Medicare Advantage

September 5, 2014

What seniors have known for a decade, academics are confirming.  The common sense is that Medicare Advantage delivers high quality and value in healthcare. Since its strengthening in the 2003 … Continued