Tax Breaks for Trial Lawyers?

September 3, 2010

Is it good public policy to modify tax laws to encourage more lawsuits against physicians? That’s a question the American Medical Association raised this week in a letter to Treasury … Continued

Medical Lawsuits By the Numbers

August 17, 2010

In defending the medical liability status quo, trial attorneys’ associations frequently argue that, instead of tort reform, the medical professions need to do a better job of policing their comparably … Continued

An Eminently Sensible Idea on Liability Coverage

July 30, 2010

Some ideas on Capitol Hill make so much sense that you can’t help but wonder why they haven’t become law already. But, then again, tort reform has proven many times … Continued

Could Health Reform Exacerbate the Litigation Crisis?

February 17, 2010

One of the oft-cited goals of health reform is to ‘bend the cost curve’ on health spending.  On that point, a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal raises questions … Continued

From Davos, Insights On Health Reform

February 5, 2010

Ron Williams, the chief executive officer of Aetna and a member of the Healthcare Leadership Council executive committee, is a co-chair of the prestigious Davos Economic Summit.  While in Davos, … Continued

“Show Me” The Facts on Medical Liability

December 2, 2009

I was watching the U.S. Senate debate on health reform legislation this afternoon and had the opportunity to watch one senator making an impassioned speech about medical liability reform.  His … Continued

CBO Sees the Light on Liability Reform

October 9, 2009

Opponents of medical liability reform have always been fond of quoting the Congressional Budget Office saying that reform measures would do very little to save taxpayers money and squeeze unnecessary … Continued

A Tale of Two Town Halls

August 28, 2009

Two congressional town hall meetings this week.  At one event, a question was raised.  At another, a couple of hundred miles to the south, that question was answered, but not … Continued

A Good Reminder from Minnesota’s Governor

August 3, 2009

With all of the media coverage devoted to the controversial aspects of health reform, most notably the proposal to create a government-run health plan and the possible tax increases that … Continued

President Obama Revives The Medical Liability Debate

June 16, 2009

Even as action on medical liability reform continues to take place at the state level, there’s been a sense of resignation in Washington, DC of late that the issue would … Continued