Healthcare Leaders Meet the Press

January 7, 2014

Let’s give credit to “Meet the Press” for choosing to address healthcare in its January 5 installment by turning to actual health industry leaders instead of the usual Washington, D.C. … Continued

The Truth About Wellness

December 22, 2013

Posting a summary of the remarks offered by one of its recent featured speakers, the secretary-treasurer of the National Union of Healthcare Workers, the National Press Club headlined its synopsis … Continued

Guest Post: What Drives Engagement in Workplace Wellness Programs — Carrots or Sticks?

December 18, 2013

(The following post was authored by Colin Watts, President of Weight Watchers Health Solutions.  Weight Watchers is a member of the Healthcare Leadership Council.) In our conversations with employers, we’re … Continued

IPAB and the Nuclear Option

November 26, 2013

With U.S. Senate Democrats exercising the so-called ‘nuclear option’ – changing Senate rules so that executive branch nominations can be approved by a simple 51-vote majority instead of the 60 … Continued

Where The Savings Are

November 21, 2013

There is more good news on the healthcare cost front.  The White House Council of Economic Advisers has issued a report noting that real per capita healthcare spending has increased … Continued

Weight Loss and Better Health: The Approach Makes Pounds of Difference

October 16, 2013

Right now, I’m attending the annual Cleveland Clinic Innovation Summit, which is focused this year on obesity, diabetes and the metabolic crisis.  Speakers have addressed in detail the linkage between … Continued

Medicare Part D: Why Satisfaction Matters

September 18, 2013

Yesterday, the Healthcare Leadership Council, through its Medicare Today initiative, released its annual survey of seniors nationwide regarding their perceptions of and experiences with the Medicare Part D prescription drug … Continued

Impressions from Datapalooza

June 7, 2013

I attend a pretty good number of healthcare and health policy conferences over the course of a year so I can say with confidence that it’s rare to find an … Continued

No Time for Complacency

May 31, 2013

Washington, D.C. has long had a tendency to avoid decisive action until crises make continued delays untenable.  This being the case, there should be a great sense of joy and … Continued

Dr. Noseworthy Meets the Press

April 11, 2013

In a week that has featured the back-and-forth crossfire between pundits and lawmakers over budget priorities, it was refreshing to have a genuine healthcare expert, Mayo Clinic President and CEO … Continued