Health Industry Experts: Vaccines a Powerful Form of Healthcare Intervention

Jim Pannucci, Ph.D., Vice President of Leidos Health Sciences
Jim Pannucci, Ph.D., Vice President of Leidos Health Sciences

The Healthcare Leadership Council hosted a May 5 briefing on Capitol Hill dedicated to innovations surrounding vaccines that drive value for patients and the health system at large.

Dr. Len Friedland, Vice President and Director of Scientific Affairs and Public Health for GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), discussed the innovative usage of compounds called adjuvants that enhance or shape the body’s immune response.  The expansion of biological knowledge, he said, has allowed GSK to use older technologies in new and effective ways.

Dr. Bill Gruber, Senior Vice President of Vaccine Clinical Research and Development for Pfizer, pressed the issue of involving
government working groups collaborating with industry stakeholders to address medical need, Target Product Profile (TPP), and criteria for licensure to realize the full potential for vaccine development.

Jim Pannucci, Ph.D., Vice President of Leidos Life Sciences, explained how public-private partnerships are providing greater access to innovation.  Experienced collaborators and non-governmental organization sponsors, in addition to scientific crossover, are key elements of vaccine development, he noted.