HLC Newsletter

Healthcare Industry Actions to Protect Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic – April 28, 2020

The Healthcare Leadership Council is comprised of leading companies from every sector of American healthcare.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be sharing examples of actions these companies are taking to protect and assist the public and combat the virus’s spread.  If you would like assistance in reaching a representative for any of these companies, please contact Kelly Fernandez at kfernandez@hlc.org. 

  • An Amgen subsidiary has conducted the most extensive targeted testing and general screening of any population to date for COVID-19. The study of Iceland citizens, conducted in cooperation with that country’s Directorate of Health, generated a better understanding of how the virus spreads through a population and underscores the importance of aggressive testing and isolating positive cases.
  • A Tennessee hospital, Ascension Saint Thomas, is collecting convalescent plasma from people who have recovered from COVID-19 as part of a joint project with the Food and Drug Administration, Mayo Clinic, and American Red Cross to treat hospitalized patients currently battling the coronavirus. Ascension Saint Thomas is part of the Ascension health system.
  • IQVIA, a data, technology and advanced analytics company, has created a COVID-19 Trial Matching Tool that includes all research projects currently taking place in the United States. With the tool, individuals who may be symptomatic or who simply want to help can be connected with studies researching potential treatments and vaccines.
  • To help Americans better understand the process involved in creating a COVID-19 vaccine, Johnson & Johnson has produced a video featuring three scientists who have been involved in battling HIV, Zika, and malaria on how to create a vaccine in record time. The video can be seen on YouTube.
  • Premier CEO Susan DeVore joined Yahoo Finance’s On the Move panel to discuss the complexities of the supply chain for personal protective equipment during the COVID-19 pandemic and the efforts taking place to make certain healthcare professionals have access to the supplies they need.
  • ZS Associates, a healthcare research, consulting and technology firm, has published an article examining the proposition that changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic may accelerate the widespread use of digital solutions, such as remote patient monitoring, in healthcare delivery.