Healthcare Leaders Applaud Finalization of Federal Rules That Will Strengthen Value-Based Care

WASHINGTON – The Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC), an alliance of leading companies from all sectors of American healthcare, today applauded the Administration for finalizing federal rules that will modernize healthcare fraud and abuse laws and clear barriers to the movement toward value-based care.

The Department of Health and Human Services today published the final rules that will modernize the Stark Physician Self-Referral Law and the Anti-Kickback Statute, two measures constructed to protect patients and consumers in a fee-for-service healthcare environment but that are not well suited to a value-based care framework that encourages coordination and collaboration among multiple healthcare entities.

“This should be recognized as one of the most important health policy achievements of recent years,” said HLC president Mary R. Grealy. “We are moving toward an era in healthcare that recognizes the importance of care coordination and fully integrated care involving primary care providers, specialists, hospitals, pharmacies, drug and device manufacturers and more. These laws, as written, discouraged innovative patient-focused multi-sector collaborations at a time in which we should be enthusiastically encouraging them.”

She said, “What these new rules recognize is that we can protect patients from fraud and abuse while still allowing the healthcare system to evolve in a way that benefits patients and achieves greater cost-efficiency.”


For Immediate Release
November 20, 2020
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