HLC Newsletter

Healthcare Leadership Council Statement on Nomination of U.S. Representative Tom Price to be HHS Secretary

WASHINGTON – Mary R. Grealy, president of the Healthcare Leadership Council, an alliance of leading companies representing all health sectors, issued the following statement:

It is difficult to imagine anyone more capable of serving his nation as the Secretary of Health and Human Services than Congressman Tom Price.  With the work that lies ahead in improving the accessibility, quality and sustainability of our healthcare system, President-elect Trump has acted wisely in choosing a man who is both a diligent public servant and a widely acknowledged expert on health policy.

Dr. Price’s work on health reform in the U.S. House exemplifies his commitment to patients and consumers as well as his understanding that the physician-patient relationship is paramount and must not be adversely affected by government action.  He is a champion of medical innovation, insisting that more can and must be done to develop new cures and treatments for life-threatening illnesses.

The Healthcare Leadership Council will enthusiastically support Dr. Price’s confirmation to be HHS Secretary.