Lazarex Cancer Foundation Receives National Healthcare Award from Health Industry Leaders

Healthcare Leadership Council Honors Lazarex Cancer Foundation with the Redefining American Healthcare Award

DANVILLE, California – The Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC) honored Lazarex Cancer Foundation with the Redefining American Healthcare Award during a virtual ceremony on Zoom on August 24, 2021.

The Lazarex Cancer Foundation created programs which work to provide equitable and timely access to cancer discovery for all patients. One major focus is identifying FDA clinical trial options, providing assistance with out-of-pocket costs for clinical trial participation and a travel companion, and facilitating community outreach and engagement.

Dana Dornsife, founder and CEO of Lazarex Cancer Foundation, accepted the award. “Over the past 15 years we have been able to effectively remove barriers to cancer clinical trial participation to make them accessible for all cancer patients… We hope that in the not-too-distant future we will only view cancer health disparities in our rear-view mirror.”

“Proving that new medicines are safe and effective for cancer patients is an essential part of bringing innovative treatments to patients,” said Ian Thompson, senior vice president and general manager of Business Operations in the U.S. for Amgen. “This is done through clinical trials, which can only succeed if diverse patient populations participate in those studies.”

Mary R. Grealy, president of HLC, recognized the program’s successful implementation and pointed out that “fundamental change in our healthcare system won’t originate from Washington, D.C., but rather from organizations and individuals throughout the country who are willing to take matters into their own hands and build something that is both innovative and essential.”

Congressman Mark DeSaulnier attended, noting the compelling patient testimonials in addition to his own experience with cancer treatment and care. “It’s so inspiring to hear their stories but also to know that you and your commitment helped them survive and know that they weren’t alone, that they weren’t isolated, that they had help.”

The Healthcare Leadership Council created the “Redefining American Healthcare Award” to recognize best practices and programs in communities and organizations across the nation that optimize care for vulnerable patients. Award recipients are organizations developing and activating cost-effective, measurable community programs promoting a patient-centered approach to care that considers outside social factors in order to achieve the best outcomes.

A video of the virtual presentation of the award can be found here:

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