National Survey of Seniors Finds More than Nine of Ten Satisfied with Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage

Over 80 Percent in Morning Consult Poll Say Part D Premiums, Out-of-Pocket Costs are Affordable 

WASHINGTON – More than nine of every ten older Americans enrolled in Medicare prescription drug plans are satisfied with the coverage, according to a Morning Consult nationwide survey of seniors. Large majorities also say their Medicare drug coverage is a good value with affordable out-of-pocket costs.

The Morning Consult survey of 1,000 Americans over the age of 65 was commissioned by Medicare Today, a nonpartisan alliance of organizations committed to a strong and sustainable Medicare program.

The survey found that 92 percent of seniors are satisfied with their Medicare prescription drug coverage, with 55 percent saying they are “very satisfied.”  Only seven percent expressed dissatisfaction with the coverage, which is provided through Medicare Part D private plans or Medicare Advantage plans.

“We’ve been conducting this survey for several years and this is one of the highest satisfaction numbers we’ve ever seen,” said Mary R. Grealy, president of the Healthcare Leadership Council and chair of Medicare Today. “This continues to affirm that when plans compete to provide the greatest value, consumers benefit.  Year after year, we’re seeing quality coverage at consistently affordable premium costs. This program is a continuous example for policymakers that empowering consumers is a better path to affordability than price controls.”

Among the key findings of the survey:

  • 87 percent of respondents said their Medicare prescription drug plan is a good value.
  • 84 percent said their monthly premiums are affordable.
  • 81 percent said their total out-of-pocket costs are reasonable.
  • 80 percent said it is important to them to have a variety of Medicare Part D plans from which to compare and choose.

Ms. Grealy said, “Policymakers should continually seek to improve this program that has such a profound impact on the lives of seniors. For example, current discussions on incorporating a cap on out-of-pocket expenses could be very beneficial. What we see, though, is that the engine of this program – consumers exercising their power of choice to drive value – is maintaining its enormous popularity.”


For Immediate Release
August 4, 2020

Contact:  Kelly Fernandez