Newly-Released Compendium of Private Sector Innovations Illustrates Pathways for Health System Transformation

viable-solutions-17-coverOver 40 Companies from Multiple Health Sectors Demonstrate How to Advance Value-Based Care, Improve Healthcare Delivery and Reshape Policy Landscape

WASHINGTON – As Washington seeks to reshape the health policy environment, health industry leaders say government would do well to utilize the example set by private sector innovators that have taken actions to advance the delivery of value-based care, improve quality and efficiency, and illustrate how changes in health policy can benefit patients and consumers nationwide.

These examples have been captured in a new compendium, VIable Solutions: Private Sector Programs and Collaborations to Enhance Care Delivery, released today by the Healthcare Leadership Council, a coalition of chief executives representing all sectors of American healthcare. The publication includes metric-supported examples from healthcare providers, insurers, manufacturers, healthcare service providers, supply chain and distribution companies, and health information technology firms.

ZS Associates, a global consulting firm with more than 30 years of experience partnering with leading life sciences organizations on strategy, analytics and technology initiatives, compiled the compendium.

The published success stories provide a foundation of support for the policy recommendations the organizations released last year under its National Dialogue for Healthcare Innovation initiative, said HLC President Mary R. Grealy. Those six reforms, intended to speed health system transformation, included increased investments in comprehensive care planning, improvements in medication therapy management, acceleration toward health information interoperability, reforms of federal fraud and abuse laws to remove barriers to value-based care, modernizing and harmonizing patient privacy rules to strengthen health data access, and Food and Drug Administration reforms to speed new innovations to patients.

“We are on the verge of a new era in American healthcare in which our system will deliver breakthrough levels of quality and do so in a way that enables greater sustainability,” said Ms. Grealy. “We have the capability to significantly improve health on a population-wide level, but progress can and must be bolder, faster and comprehensive. The most innovative companies of the private sector are setting examples that, if expanded through health policy, can transform our healthcare system for the better.”