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White House Executive Order on Telehealth is Right Move to Maintain Expanded Healthcare Access, Health Leaders Say

Healthcare Leadership Council President Urges Congress to Follow Suit in Making Broader Telehealth Access Permanent 

WASHINGTON – Health industry leaders are applauding an executive order announced by the White House to make temporary regulations expanding access to telehealth services that have proven effective during the COVID-19 pandemic permanent.

The Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC), comprised of leading companies from all health sectors, said the Administration’s executive order recognizes the value of telehealth in complementing the healthcare options available to Medicare beneficiaries, particularly for people in rural areas without easy access to in-person care.

“HHS Secretary Alex Azar has said that the Administration will analyze the regulatory steps taken to address the coronavirus pandemic and determine which changes should be utilized to permanently improve healthcare. This is an important step in following through on that commitment,” said HLC president Mary R. Grealy. “Telehealth has not only provided high-quality healthcare to millions of Medicare beneficiaries during the pandemic, but it has enabled healthcare providers to use resources more efficiently.”

Ms. Grealy said the Administration’s action mirrors steps being taken by private sector health plans to maintain coverage for telehealth services beyond the pandemic.

The Healthcare Leadership Council is encouraging Congress to include provisions in the next coronavirus relief package to permanently strengthen support for telehealth and remote patient monitoring.



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August 4, 2020

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