Coming Up on ABC

The media’s wall-to-wall coverage of Michael Jackson unfortunately bumped an important network television report on healthcare, a piece that Americans need to see as we determine the future of our nation’s health system.

Fortunately, journalist John Stossel’s report on the Canadian healthcare system, which is often touted by proponents of a government-run health insurance option, will air on ABC’s 20/20 on Friday, July 17.  Based on the preview of the story that Stossel has placed on ABC’s website, he will interview physicians and hospital administrators in Canada regarding the problems of physician shortages and long wait times for treatment that have resulted from having a government-controlled health system.   He’ll spotlight the nightmare scenario that is taking place in one Canadian town:

The town of Norwood, Ontario, has only one family doctor available to serve the entire community.  To ration the patient list, the town clerk holds a lottery once a month, drawing a few names out of a box that contains all of the people hoping to get on the doctor’s patient list.  She calls the lucky winners, but everyone else must continue to wait.

As we prepare to debate the appropriate level of government control in America’s healthcare system, I think Mr. Stossel’s report is a must-see.