Healthways-Blue Zones Vitality City Quest

Last week, Healthways and Blue Zones, unveiled its Healthways-Blue Zones Vitality City Quest which is a community-wide initiative with one goal: creating healthier, happier and more productive citizens. 

Healthways, a Healthcare Leadership Council member, has already taken great strides in this arena with the development of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index to provide the official measure for health and well-being. 

According to Ben Leedle, CEO of Healthways, “We know that well-being is comprised of social, emotional and physical health, and this partnership affords us an opportunity to develop a wider set of community interventions and access to an impressive range of experts and proven techniques. The combination of our collective abilities as companies to engage whole environments will accelerate the achievement of improved well-being for entire communities.”

Vitality Quest will be launching a national search for a community wanting to become the inaugural Vitality City, a city whose citizens enjoy a higher level of well-being and lower healthcare costs.  Interested parties wanting to learn more may submit a Statement of Interest by visiting (the submission deadline is May 14, 2010).

Research has shown a strong link between well-being, healthcare costs and engagement in the work environment.  I truly commend this Healthways-Blue Zones effort and its goal of facilitating communities to live well.