NPR Looks At the Nation’s Primary Care Challenge

Our country’s shortage of primary care physicians is going to be felt more acutely in the years to come, as a result of both health reform – which will bring millions more newly-insured Americans into the system  — and the aging of the baby boom generation and the increased utilization of health services that goes with it.

National Public Radio’s Julie Rovner, who I’ve known and respected for years for her skill at digging deeply into complex health policy stories, has launched a three-part series on NPR regarding the primary care challenge and possible solutions for the problem.  In the first segment, she went to Maine to interview a primary care doctor who has developed a successful, satisfying practice.  This physician, however, is 63 years old and is concerned about who will fill her shoes when she retires.

The story is well worth a listen.  You can find it here.