The Week’s Most Interesting Healthcare Reading (that you might have missed)

The one year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act wasn’t the only significant healthcare news this week.  Here are links to some interesting and important reports you may have missed.

A study published in Health Affairs documents the savings generated by a major employer, Johnson & Johnson, as a result of employee wellness programs.

A new blood test is in development that can diagnose the risk of diabetes a decade before symptoms begin to appear.

On the subject of diabetes, Novo Nordisk and race car driver Charlie Kimball have teamed to launch a campaign urging patients to speak to their physicians about improved insulin delivery methods.

Could video games have a healthcare value?  Experts say they may help discover whether children have vision problems.

The Cleveland Clinic is taking advanced healthcare delivery concepts far beyond U.S. borders, bringing its expertise to Abu Dhabi.

Meet “Sammons Says,” Baylor’s new blog on cancer prevention, treatment & research.