Regional Advocacy

Bringing the HLC Message Home

HLC is a leading voice for improving healthcare and our Regional Advocacy Program ensures that voice is heard throughout the country. HLC’s six regional directors and their respective Health Leadership Teams have achieved incredible success since the program’s inception, with over 4,700 meetings, site visits, town halls, roundtables, and other activities.           

In-District Meetings with Members of Congress

In-district meetings provide an opportunity for members of Congress to hear directly from constituents about health industry issues.

  • Annually coordinates over 200 in-state opportunities
  • Around 90 advocacy meetings in 2021, one-third with members on key committees of healthcare jurisdiction
Healthcare Roundtables, Coffee and Conversations

These activities aid in forming relationships among congressional members, candidates, HLC members, and the DC health policy community; providing opportunities to discuss ideas and vision for healthcare.

  • Coordinated roundtables and coffee and conversations with over 120 members of Congress and candidates, during the last 10 years
  • In 2020, HLC held 10 coffee and conversations with members of Congress
  • In 2021, HLC held eight coffee and conversations with members of Congress
Candidate Program and New Member Orientation

Cornerstones of HLC’s regional advocacy efforts are the HLC Candidate and New Member Orientation Programs. Developing relationships with lawmakers early in their careers is advantageous when they become committee and caucus leaders and are well apprised of HLC’s priority issues.

  • 70 candidate meetings held in 2020
  • All new member of Congress healthcare positions obtained before elected
  • HLC priority issues discussed with dozens of freshman members during 2021
Advocacy Activities

HLC has one of the most comprehensive regional advocacy programs in the healthcare industry. As experts in the field, regional directors are instrumental in advocating for HLC health policy priorities while simultaneously engaging in local efforts such as honoring numerous congressional members, healthcare organizations, and community programs.

  • The Redefining American Healthcare Award has been bestowed upon thirteen community programs thus far. The Award draws attention to initiatives that demonstrate an increase in quality and efficiency of care through a patient-centered approach
  • Recruited cosponsors for, and educated congressional offices on, legislation and issues of importance to HLC’s membership

For more information on the HLC Regional Advocacy Program and how it can be a resource in your congressional district, please contact  / 202-449-3441


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