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Cultural Competency Training Group Receives National Healthcare Award from Health Industry Leaders

Healthcare Leadership Council Honors Nevada Cultural Competency with the Redefining American Healthcare Award

RENO, NV – The Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC) honored Nevada Cultural Competency with its Redefining American Healthcare Award at a ceremony in Reno on Monday, October 24th.

The Nevada Cultural Competency is a collaboration between High Sierra Area Health Education Center (AHEC) and Nevada Primary Care Association (NVPCA), and offers training for healthcare facilities and is focused on the improvement of cultural awareness, inclusivity, and quality care delivery statewide. This training was created to specifically educate healthcare providers about respecting and treating unique individuals from all backgrounds in order to improve quality of care and effectively address the needs of all patients.

Andrea Gregg, High Sierra AHEC Chief Executive Officer, stated, “It is an honor to be nationally recognized for our collaborative efforts and success in developing the gold standard for culturally and linguistically appropriate patient-centered care. Nevada Cultural Competency will develop a culturally compassionate healthcare workforce and effectively address and improve health inequities. This training program supports industry leaders by providing them with tools to implement operational strategies that strive for equity and has proven to make significant change within their organizations.”

“The NVPCA would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the Healthcare Leadership Council for this prestigious award. We are truly honored to be acknowledged for our contribution to redefining American healthcare,” said Nancy Bowen, NVPCA CEO. “Operating on the fact that health care is a right no matter a person’s racial or socioeconomic background, NVPCA created this training with High Sierra AHEC to ensure the connection between healthcare and culturally competent communication and services is implemented in our health facilities.”

Debbie Witchey, the Healthcare Leadership Council’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, stated, “We are recognizing Nevada Cultural Competency today because of its approach to meeting the needs of the community through innovative community partnerships. By bolstering cultural competency and ensuring health professionals can interact successfully with patients, the result is better outcomes for patients and more satisfaction for the healthcare workforce.”

“The Nevada Cultural Competency showcases the potential of culturally sensitive, community-focused and patient-centric healthcare. Your collective efforts have made Nevada a national leader in strengthening equitable and accessible care delivery for years to come,” commended Senator Jacky Rosen in a video statement. “We acknowledge your collaboration as the roadmap for other states to follow.”

The Healthcare Leadership Council created the Redefining American Healthcare Award to recognize best practices and programs in communities and organizations across the nation that optimize care for vulnerable patients. Award recipients are organizations developing and activating cost-effective, measurable community programs promoting a patient-centered approach to care that considers outside social factors to achieve the best outcomes.


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