Statement by Healthcare Leadership Council President Mary R. Grealy on Release of House Democrats’ Drug Pricing Proposal

Healthcare leaders from all sectors welcome a constructive and robust exchange of ideas on how to improve affordability and accessibility for patients and healthcare consumers.  A vibrant atmosphere for innovation must be accompanied by policies and practices that make lifesaving and life-strengthening products accessible for those who need them.

We believe the drug pricing proposals announced today do not lead us closer to workable, sustainable solutions.  At a time in which private sector pricing negotiations have led to continued reductions in average Medicare Part D premiums, this proposal represents an unprecedented shift of authority over prices – in both the public and private sector – to the federal bureaucracy.  And at a time in which we are seeing groundbreaking progress in the development of treatments and cures for devastating diseases, this proposal would take resources for biomedical innovation away from the private sector and transfer them to the government.

Policymakers and industry leaders should fully explore approaches that would achieve greater affordability while continuing to incentivize innovation.  We should be wary of any policy proposals that would slow our ability to combat disease and improve population health.