Special Programs

Members of the Healthcare Leadership Council believe unequivocally that continued healthcare innovation is critical to achieving a healthcare system that is more efficient, more effective and of the highest quality. Whether it’s convening initiatives to forge consensus on innovation-focused issues or demonstrating new medical breakthroughs to lawmakers, HLC focuses its activities on the importance of innovation to the future of American healthcare.

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HLC routinely hosts Capitol Hill briefings and events and webinars featuring HLC members and their innovative practices to elevate quality and value in the healthcare system. Many of the events … Continued

Wellness Frontiers Award

HLC created the Wellness Frontiers Award to promote best practices and draw attention to existing wellness initiatives that demonstrate excellence and quality.  Eligible applicants are non‐HLC member organizations of any … Continued

Confidentiality Coalition

The Confidentiality Coalition is composed of a broad group of hospitals, medical teaching colleges, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, vendors of electronic health records, biotech firms, employers, health … Continued

National Dialogue for Healthcare Innovation

  The Healthcare Leadership Council (HLC), a coalition of chief executives from healthcare providers, payers, manufacturers and other health sectors, announced today that it will host a summit meeting on … Continued

Gateway to Innovation

HLC recognizes the importance of collaborating with our nation’s congressional leaders to build a better healthcare system.  HLC works with hundreds of members of Congress each year to improve American … Continued

Healthcare Innovation Expo

The Healthcare Leadership Council believes that members of Congress can make better-informed decisions on important health policy issues if they can see firsthand the new treatments, technologies and medicines that … Continued