Confidentiality Coalition

The Confidentiality Coalition is composed of a broad group of hospitals, medical teaching colleges, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, vendors of electronic health records, biotech firms, employers, health product distributors, pharmacies and pharmacy benefit managers, health information and research organizations, patient groups, and others founded to advance effective patient confidentiality protections.

Our mission is to advocate for policies and practices that safeguard the privacy of patients and healthcare consumers while, at the same time, enable the essential flow of information that is critical to the timely and effective delivery of healthcare, improvements in quality and safety, and the development of new lifesaving and life-enhancing medical interventions. We are committed to ensuring that consumers and thought leaders are aware of the privacy protections that are currently in place. And, as healthcare providers make the transition to a nationwide, interoperable system of electronic health information, we believe it is essential to replace the current mosaic of sometimes conflicting state privacy laws, rules, and guidelines with a strong, comprehensive national confidentiality standard.

HLC, through the Confidentiality Coalition, works closely with key legislators and regulators to ensure that privacy legislation and regulation do not impede efforts to provide safe, high-quality, and coordinated healthcare.